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Business Ethics & Culture

Expertise in engineering technological services & solutions

Alongside our engineering expertise, it is Horizon Engineering Consultancy Services (HECS)commitment to ethics in the workplace and within our profession that ensures our overall business success.

Our ethical values shape our culture and build our reputation. How we treat our employees, how we engage with clients and how we work alongside suppliers is reinforced through our values. Our common regard for the highest standards of honesty and integrity is a big strength.

We ensure that each of us knows that every time we do the right thing, we reinforce the understanding among our fellow employees, our customers and our suppliers that this is how HECS operates.

With a shared understanding of our ethical values our business reputation is strengthened and by building awareness of our business ethics throughout the value chain we avoid compromise. In the same way, if any of our stakeholders have ethical concerns we encourage them to raise these with us.

Our decision to become the inaugural subscriber within the Automotive, Manufacturing Product Design and Development, Marine, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and shipping Sector in India and abroad.

Having said this we stand alongside government agencies, professional bodies, legal firms and financial firms in wanting to ensure we are up to date and take the lead from globally recognized best practice.